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Tired of eating the same food all the time?
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Save money on every meal you eat out.

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DineDen - Discover local restaurants and save on every meal

Freedom of Choice

We did it! We found a way to offer you the most delicious food with insane discounts at the best restaurants in your neightborhood.

Only Discounted Meals

Every meal on DineDen is discounted. Our partner restaurants offer select menu items for cheaper so you get to try them out and save at the same time.

In Your Budget

We offer a range of affordable pricing options for our menu items at $8.99, $10.99, or $13.99, so you can enjoy delicious food without any unexpected costs or stress.

Cheaper Meals, Same Quality

Enjoy the same high-quality food and service as any other customer, but at a more affordable price.

Variety // Diversity

Experience the vibrant culinary scene of your community with a wide range of delicious cuisines at unbeatable prices.

DineDen - Freedom of Choice

How it works

Discover new restaurants and enjoy discounted meals. It's simple! Have a look...

Partner with us

We promote restaurants with discounted meals for dine‑in.
Gain new customers with DineDen - offset your marketing and delivery costs and offer it directly to customers as discount on select menu items.

DineDen - Discover local restaurants and save on every meal
  • Free to join
  • No monthly costs
  • No tablets or any devices - it all runs on the customer's phone
  • No need for training - it's super simple
  • Low customer acquisition costs - just $1 flat per order
  • Activate or deactivate your restaurant and meals whenever you want
  • Get started in minutes
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